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Business Owners

Owning a closely-held business brings special opportunities and challenges. As a result, business owners’ financial planning needs are different than for other people. Financial questions and issues unique to business owners include:

  • How do I exit from my business one day?
  • How can I use my business to build personal wealth?
  • What is the most tax efficient way to get cash out of my business?*
  • What type of retirement plan should I have at my company?
  • How do I motivate and retain top employees?

Emerald Wealth Management, LLC offers fee-based financial planning services to successful business owners. Our experienced professionals help owners and their tax and legal advisors develop solutions in areas such as exit strategies, estate planning, retirement plans and investment planning.

Our Financial Planning Services for successful business owners include the following:

Business Exit Planning

Eventually every business owner will exit from the business. We work with owners and their advisors to create plans that fulfill important retirement, investment and estate objectives. Sound planning in this area may bring the client greater net value from sale of the business, or help preserve the family-owned business for the next generation.

Retirement & Executive Benefits Planning

We bring to our clients strategies to help create personal wealth while minimizing corporate or personal income taxes. Emerald Wealth Management delivers custom-designed, tax favorable retirement plans and compensation plans tailored for business owners or their top employees. We help owners develop “golden-handcuffs” compensation strategies to motivate top employees to grow the business over the long term.

Investment Strategies

We advise our clients on investment strategies that is consistent with their business and personal goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. We meet regularly to review and update client objectives. Once a business owner exits from the business, we help structure their investment strategies to fill their income or asset growth needs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about determining when, how and in what manner assets will be passed to children, grandchildren, charities or other beneficiaries. For business owners, estate planning addresses how to plan for an illiquid business and how to help reduce risk from potential creditors. Sound estate planning may help our clients protect their lifetime’s assets from loss due to mismanagement or taxes.

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