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Financial planning should be a process, not an event. Since every situation is different, we don't have a single process or plan that takes every one and fits him or her into a standardized fact finder resulting in a computer generated generic plan. Instead, we adjust our process to fit the situation. Although the process is uniquely formatted for each client, there will always be several common stages.

Determine the Problems Or Needs - Before we make recommendations, together with our associates we ensure that any problems and needs have been fully identified, discussed and that we have fully explored all possible ramifications.

Develop the Proper Solutions - Our associates have years of experience and represent many different specialties. Where appropriate, they combine their experience to ensure that all possible solutions have been evaluated, and that a suitable course of action is recommended.

Assist In Implementation - When a solution requires a financial service or product, our associates will seek out the best solution for the client. We can represent hundreds of insurance companies and provide numerous financial instruments, which allows our associates to provide objective recommendations.

Review and Monitor Results - A personal or business financial situation is ever changing. Because of a changing economy and tax environment, it is vitally important that any financial program be monitored and modified when needed.

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