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Emerald Wealth Management, LLC

Emerald Wealth Management, LLC


We are a Georgia based firm and offer our individual clients a very high level of Service and Proficiency. Our corporate clients can take advantage of our trademarked Hometown 401k program. Those services are outlined on our retirement plan website:

Providing objective advice, products and services is at the core of our philosophy.  For that reason Emerald Wealth Management, LLC has no proprietary products. Our associates have access to a vast network of products and service providers, including hundreds of insurance companies, thousands of mutual funds and other securities products and a multitude of other products and services;

At Emerald Wealth Management, LLC it is our belief that in today's information society, where we are barraged with magazines, books, newsletters, TV, cable and the Internet, people are not seeking information; there is more than enough of that.  What most people really seek is wisdom.  Our associates work to sort through this information and to communicate the wisdom to arrive at meaningful solutions to their financial needs and concerns.

Lastly, the most important component of our firm is our people.  They are a group of professional associates and staff dedicated to providing the very best in financial consulting, services and products.